The average household buys 300+ SKUs a year, from a choice of 20,000-30,000 depending on the size of the supermarket. That is about 2%. Most shoppers repeatedly buy from the same categories, and buy the same products. Grocery shopping is a task, a routine for most. They would prefer to get it over with and buying the same thing is a short-cut to achieve this.


We need to get better at engaging the shopper in-store. This is the moment they are either going to buy your product or not – the golden moment of truth. Triggering interest and a purchase in-store is more important than any other marketing activity – it is what will ultimately pay your wages


This talk looks at the in-store moment and how best to make it more experiential. Using a shopper 5 senses model, we look at global case studies using scent marketing, sound marketing, automated taste sampling, eye-catching displays, and the possibilities that interactive screens, RFID, NFC and Augmented Reality present.

1. Why the shopper behaviours of habit and routine block incremental sales


2. How Positive Disruption can engage shoppers in-store encouraging them to consider impulse sales


3. Why shoppers react when we communicate across multi-sensory platforms  and why experiential retail is the future, for all retailers

  • positiv1"If you haven’t seen Ken Hughes present on the experiential future of shopping and retailing, you’re in for a real treat. Ken’s presentation is a thoroughly enjoyable cocktail of clever insights into the mind of consumers and cool futuristic technology that will boost business for retailers and brands, all served with a generous dose of good Irish wit. I see literally hundreds of speakers in a year - conference junkie as I am - and Ken is certainly one of the best I’ve seen. I highly recommend you to catch him at a conference near you in the future"

  • md"Ken Hughes’ presentation at DLF’s conference Innoday was a huge success. His profound expertise in shopper behaviour, excellent presentation delivery filled with humour and numerous illustrative examples was certainly well received by the attending retailer and manufacturer executives. Mr Hughes got the highest speaker rating at Innoday and he is definitely up there with top speakers like Kjell A Nordström and Hans Rosling. Not surprisingly, we have already invited Ken Hughes back to Stockholm for next year’s Innoday"


This talk applies to all markets, but with a special focus on:Consumer Goods: Food & Beverage, Electronics, DIY, Foodservice, Apparel,  Home Furnishings

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