Everyone is tired of hearing about millennials, particularly the millennials themselves. Every article you read or conference keynote you hear, the word millennials is either over-used or over- generalised. How to manage Millennials in the workplace? What are the consumer expectations of the Millennial Generation? What do Millennials want from life? All valid questions to ensure your brand survives into the future, would it not for the fact that the future (and your success) does not belong to them. That is the present. The future belongs to Generation Z.


Generation Z will become the largest consumer group in the US and Europe by 2020. 40% of all the population. Be prepared for the end of how you do business.


While Millennials witnessed the world become an omni-channel one, it is the only world Gen Z have ever known. They are now leaving universities, taking their positions in the workplace and as consumers. Unlike their Millennial counterparts who were parented by Baby Boomers, Gen Z were parented by Gen Xers. This makes their value systems and expectations very different, for themselves and the brands they chose to interact with.


While hairstyles, fashions and tastes will change from one generation to the next, it is by understanding their fundamental value systems that will define how we converse and stay relevant as a business or Brand.


The Millennials were just the support, get ready for the main event. The consumer step change has arrived.

1. AUTHENTICITY This generation seem to be only interested in brands that are ‘real’. We need to go above and beyond what they expect to truly delight them. We need to focus on the human connection, to touch their heart and connect with them in a real way.


2. DON’T COMMUNICATE > CONVERSE. We do not need to communicate. We need to converse. The consumer is now a collaborator. This generation has grown up inside the peer economy. You don’t own your brand, they do.


3. EXPECT THE BEST. They are the X-Factor generation (everyone has the right and chance to be famous) and thus their expectations are high, They demand you hear their voice if you are a brand they interact with. They expect it all and expect it to work first time.

  • conor “Ken’s speech at our Sales Leaders Summit on Gen Z really engaged and challenged all our senior Sales Director members across a wide variety of sectors. Ken managed to deliver a presentation that was extremely relevant, with his ever energetic presenting style, and left everyone feeling equally entertained and eager to adopt the learnings”

  • kristy “Ken’s presentation made delegates laugh and cry and laugh again. His easy story-telling style meant that delegates were not only engaged throughout but also left with some real thought-provoking contento on the future consumer. I would not hesitate to work with Ken again”

  • simon “Ken speaking at our annual Digital Summit was the highlight of our event; he managed to engage and inspire our organisation around the changes we need to make in order to stay relevant to the future worlds of our consumers. His ability to understand the dynamic world of retail and digital fused with real world insight of teh next generation of consumers will certainly help guide our future digital vision”

  • fernando “Ken’s talks are simply awesome. His fun but deep style, his impressive energy on the stage and a unanimous acceptance by the audience make you know, as an event organizer, that he is a must in our upcoming events. Highly recommended.”


This talk applies to all markets, but with a special focus on: Consumer Goods (Food & Beverage, Electronics, DIY, Foodservice, Apparel,  Home Furnishings), Banking and financial services and Healthcare.

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