The monolithic and generally linear supply chain models of the past are no longer fit for purpose. Those that stick to the logistics models of the past will find themselves straining at the demands placed upon them by the millennial consumer.


The next generation of shoppers demand boutique, artisan goods and services, personalised in their nature and delivery. They demand an experience from the products and services they consume beyond what is in the box. In fact they demand an experience partly related to how they buy. Supply Chain is becoming part of the product experience, not an invisible ‘support’ function.


Flexibility and Pace are becoming critical values in the race for brand equity as the shopper places higher demands on the logistics element of product equation. Ultimately a supply chain that is engineered built to deliver to this new breed of shopper and consumer will win market share.


There are so many forces shaping the supply chain of the future. On one hand we have increasing urbanisation putting pressure on that last mile. At the same time we have a booming sharing economy, completely reinventing the notion of value from a consumer perspective.


As same day delivery becomes the norm, are our supply chains ready? Are we ready to meet the instant gratification needs of this new shopper generation? There is a reason Amazon are testing delivery drones and patenting 3D printing vans. The model of delivery needs to change not because it can, not because we have the technology. It needs to change because there is a new breed of shopper but who is going to pay for it?


This speech will challenge supply chain executives and ask the big question. This is the shopper of tomorrow. Are you ready?

1.How the very DNA of the shopper has changed in terms of their expectations around product delivery, and what this means for the future of Supply Chain.


2.How businesses must prepare themselves for the consumer demand of personalisation, and what implications this has on Supply Chain.


3.How Supply Chain is pushing past an invisible support function into the limelight of product and customer experience.

This talk applies to supply chain delegates of every FMCG market but with a special focus on: Technology, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Electronics, DIY, Apparel,  and Home Furnishings

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