Every company and industry is resourcing for disruption, bending rules, breaking moulds and challenging norms.


It seems everyone is at it. But really, Disruption is about being ready for it.


Preparing for those changes is difficult – that’s why they call it DISRUPTION and not GENERALLY PREDICTIVE CHANGE.


As Millennials begin to turn 35 and their Gen Z counterparts push into their 20’s, consumerism is in for a significant step-change. These next generations of consumers expect Personalisation (I Want it My Way), Authenticity (I Trust My Peer Network), Contextual Communication (Talk to Me Only with Relevant Benefit) and above all a Sharable Experience (Something that Makes Me Look Good on Instagram).


This speech challenges any business to look at their future through the lens of the future consumer. We will look at the social and cultural forces digital has brought to humanity, and how changes in consumer expectations have forever changed the game. Today’s consumer expects a frictionless and seamless experience at every touch-point, has little tolerance for failure but will become a tribal brand fan if you get it right.


Disruption is a Positive Force if you harness what is happening around you. It is a destructive one if you ignore the changing nature of the game. Meeting the consumer’s needs has always been at the heart of business success.

1. The millennial shoppers blueprint has changed thereby impacting on their fundamental behaviours, needs and requirements as shoppers. What are the implications for your business and what you need to do to survive?


2. This generation are less interested in buying ‘things’ and far more interested in having ‘experiences’. How can we use our brands to deliver the kind of life experiences this generation expect, and add real value within the new emerging ‘Sharing Economy’?


3. If peer networks have overtaken the brands own voice in terms of relevance, how best can we build conversations with our target market in the future?

  • brian

    “Ken's true talent is the tailoring of his content to our audiences.  We have invited him to speak at several different Red Bull events, and his content is always uniquely tailored to that audience and event theme and ‘on the money’ with our hot topics. He challenges each of us to think outside of the box, and is both an educational and inspirational presenter. His keynotes not only posed some tough questions about the future shape of our industry but he also linked this to the emerging consumer forces evident today. He is as entertaining,  and engaging as he is challenging and not to be missed”

  • kristi


    “Ken’s presentation on the Millennial Consumer and their expectations made delegates laugh and cry and laugh again. His easy story-telling style meant that delegates were not only engaged throughout but also left with some real thought-provoking content. I would not hesitate to work with Ken again”


This talk applies to all markets, but with a special focus on:Consumer Goods: Food & Beverage, Electronics, DIY, Foodservice, Apparel,  Home Furnishings

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