While organizations struggle to keep pace with digital, often a defined strategy fails to emerge. Many companies still approach digital with a piece-meal approach, implementing a series of digital tactics unclear of the opportunities that a cohesive digital strategy could offer.


This masterclass examines the cultural consumer changes the digital revolution has brought, how the very DNA of shoppers and consumers has been forever altered and what threats and opportunites are now presented to brands and the retail industry.


We examine the technology available in building better in-store experiences, from consumer facing hardware designed to trigger incremental sales to back-end data capture and software enabling better targeting and predictive analysis. From social media driving traffic to store to the future of product interaction via Augmented Reality. There is really no end to the technological solutions available when you open the Digital Box – the real question is what should you be using, and how?


This masterclass uses a blend of provoking thought leadership sessions combined with discussion based workshops to catalyse the digital strategy conversation.

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