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Strategic Shopper

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An inspiring 6-hour masterclass exploring the evolution of retail and the shopper, retail futurology, understanding the psychology behind shoppers’ behaviour, and a showcasing of global inspirational Shopper Marketing case studies.

Today, there is little doubt that the shopper holds the power, not the brand or retailer. Loyalty to brands and stores is dissolving as the landscape of commerce shifts. The advent of e-commerce, the Metaverse, and AI presents formidable challenges for retailers and brand owners, compelling them to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving market. Consequently, the future of your brand or store now squarely lies in the hands of the shopper, marking a significant paradigm shift. This transformation has elevated Shopper Marketing from a mere tactical activity to a matter of strategic importance across many organizations.

There exists a pivotal Golden Moment of Truth for every shopper: the critical decision point to enter your store or not, to buy from your category or not. These moments are the linchpins that direct our strategic focus, emphasizing the importance of understanding and influencing the shopper’s journey.

The culmination of extensive research, innovation, product development, and strategic marketing efforts converge at these decisive moments. Success or failure hinges on the ability to sway the shopper’s decision in these fleeting seconds. Shopper Marketing is designed to seize control of these critical junctures. ‘Last Metre Marketing’ has emerged as a central focus for organizations aiming to translate strategic planning into tangible sales and profits, whether the interaction occurs in-store, online, or along the AI-enhanced path to purchase.

Integrating insights from consumer psychology, behavioural economics, neuro-marketing, and digital anthropology, Shopper Marketing seeks to decode and influence shopper behavior. This approach is not just about building brand equity and driving profit; it’s about establishing a deep, behavioral understanding that can guide strategic decisions.

Today many organizations remain entrenched in operational and product-centric strategies. Reliance on price and promotion as primary tools continues, underscoring a broader industry struggle. The risk of becoming irrelevant in the face of changing consumer expectations and the evolving retail landscape is real, urging a reevaluation of priorities and strategies to remain competitive and future-ready.

5 Key Learnings from the Masterclass


Why Shopper Centricity is no longer a choice for either retailer or manufacturer, but a philosophy and survival strategy every organisation needs to embrace.


How to deliver excellent shopper marketing strategies for your brand or store by turning away from decades old jaded tactical approaches and leaning into creativity, innovation, and available technologies.


How to ground your Shopper Marketing strategies in actionable data and shopper insight, and to build on a foundation of social science understanding


Why creative collaboration is key to shopper marketing success


How to best prepare for the new challenges that our digitally immersive future of AI, robotics, metaverse and more bring, and what that means for the shopper: brand: store relationship.


European Shopper Strategy Day

_In shaping their Shopper Marketing strategy, Unilever were looking to inspire every country leader around shoppers, the potential for success, and to open minds to the possibilities. The masterclass sought to inspire, energise, and ultimately engage all the stakeholders around a common vision.

“A beautifully paced masterclass that was highly inspirational but also practical and actionable. Inspirational, engaging and very thought-provoking”

“We brought Ken into our organization to energise our thinking around Shopper Marketing. It was a roaring success and definitely had the desired effect! It resulted in very ‘buzzed-up’ team members and some very healthy conversations in the weeks following around how we can improve on Shopper Marketing, Shopper Insight and Data Analysis, both within our organisation and with our agencies”

“Challenging, but in a fantastic way. We were challenged as to how we approach our customers, how we inspire our consumers and how we set out our proposition with our shoppers. Following the session, the team had a far clearer definition of what best practice shopper marketing is, were fully engaged and energised about getting there. A highly recommended session”

“Ken’s session with our global country marketing teams was astounding. Participants really enjoyed the psychology side and particularly the ‘turning data into insight’ part. One of the best shopper sessions I think I have ever witnessed, and really had the room engaged throughout”

"I didn’t think you could listen to shopper stuff for a full day. I was wrong. Fantastic"

"I’ve learned more about shoppers today than ever before"

"I learned so much. I loved the neuroscience parts"

"I wish everyone in the entire organisation was here today"

"Really enjoyed that collaboration game – broke up the day"

"So much to think about and do now. Mind blown. BOOM"

Why Ken Teaches this Masterclass

Academic and empirical Background in social science and strategic marketing

Worked as a category management consultant and shopper insight director prior to setting up his own specialist agency focusing solely on shopper marketing insight and strategy.

25 years’ experience with brands, retailers, and agencies developing and delivering shopper insight programmes. Pioneered in-store biometric research and the social science-based approach to shopper marketing.

Now one of the world’s most respected voices on shopper and consumer behaviour, retail futurology, and the modern consumer, working across all industries and continents.

“Good Shopper Marketing initiatives inspire shoppers, increase category involvement, build brand equity for the manufacturer, drive store footfall, increase sales, profit, and shopper satisfaction. It is truly a win-win-win if properly executed”

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