Consumer Centricity & Success


This is possibly the most exciting time to ever work in any industry – retail, finance, healthcare, leisure. Technology is exploding new channels in retail, from direct delivery, subscription services, or click & collect. The consumers themselves have undergone significant societal and cultural shifts. The Always On, I Want It Now shopper demands agility, flexibility and an engaging experience. We have organisations investing heavily in new ways of working, challenging business models, fuelling innovation. Artificial Intelligence and the Sharing Economy both look set to challenge the very foundations of consumerism and how we live, work and buy in the future.


So, what does that mean for your brand or business? Well let’s find out during this energetic session looking at where things are going, how we got here and what the future consumer demands. If you don’t like change, trust me, you’re going to like irrelevance a whole lot less!


This masterclass looks at the social, cultural and anthropological changes and their impact on consumers. How the game has changed. Innovation has to be the cornerstone of surviving disruption. We need to learn to be more agile and flexible to cope with the current technological and consumer disruption as well as the changes to come. To survive beyond 2020, brands and businesses need to challenge their current business models and look to the consumer to future proof the business.

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