Most organisations put the focus of their Omnichannel strategy too heavily on the available technologies – the tablets and smartphones, the apps and social media. But Technology is only ever an enabler for us to build better connections with our customers and end users. Technology itself is not what we should be focusing on.


The real change is taking place in the global shifts within social and cultural norms. There are huge differences in expectations between consumers born Before Google (BG) and After Google (AG). As the Digital Natives (those born in the 1980’s) are now entering their 30’s, we are set to witness  one of the biggest shifts in global consumer behaviour, perhaps since the invention of the teenager in the US in the 1950’s. What do this generation expect from life, relationships, brands and retailers? What will they demand from a consumption and purchase experience? And most importantly how must we prepare to meet these needs.


Using a blend of social and cultural anthropology, futurology and  global consumer behaviour shifts, we will examine where this could all be heading.

1. The Shopper and Consumer blueprint has changed thereby impacting on their fundamental behaviours, needs and requirements as shoppers. What are the implications for your business and what you need to do to survive?


2. This generation are less interested in buying ‘things’ and far more interested in having ‘experiences’. How can we use our brands to deliver the kind of life experiences this generation expect, and add real value within the new emerging ‘Sharing Economy’?


3. If peer networks have overtaken the brands own voice in terms of relevance, how best can we build conversations with our target market in the future?

  • jz "Ken’s presentations to the ECR Europe community are always a highlight and his invite to present once again at the Leaders Forum did not disappoint. His Digital DNA speech was very challenging to the business leaders in the room without exception. It was highly informative and as always incredibly entertainment. It is a window into a future that all brand owners need to witness"

  • dna_2 "On behalf of the FNLI we would like to thank you for a superb presentation that provided outstanding food for thought for many. Your insights into the digital shopper gave us all a peek into the dynamics that will shape the future. Our guests were thrilled by your presentation with rave reviews all around"


This talk applies to every market as does the digital revolution, but with a special focus on: Technology, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Electronics, DIY, Foodservice, Apparel,  and Home Furnishings

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