Digital continues to disrupt every industry, challenging the way things have always been done and altering business models The financial services and banking industry is no different.


Most organisations put the focus of their Omnichannel strategy too heavily on the available technologies – the tablets and smartphones, the apps and social media. But Technology is only ever an enabler for us to build better connections with our customers and end users.


The real change is taking place in the global shifts within social and cultural norms. There are huge differences in expectations between consumers born Before Google (BG) and After Google (AG). As the Digital Natives (those born in the 1980’s) are now entering their 30’s, we are set to witness  one of the biggest shifts in global consumer behaviour, They want it all. They want it now. They want it peer reviewed and they want it personalized.


This means that the financial services consumer is about to step change their expectations, as are the young adaptive businesses within the industry. The changes apply as much to the business community as they do to personal banking services.

1. The millennial shoppers blueprint has changed thereby impacting on their fundamental behaviours, needs and requirements as shoppers. What are the implications for your business and what you need to do to survive?


2. This generation are less interested in buying ‘things’ and far more interested in having ‘experiences’. How can we use our brands to deliver the kind of life experiences this generation expect, and add real value within the new emerging ‘Sharing Economy’?


3. If peer networks have overtaken the brands own voice in terms of relevance, how best can we build conversations with our target market in the future?

  • jhonkeegan

    "We have had a number of other presentations on this topic previously but none approached the subject as Ken did. The way in which he brought the millennial consumer to life for the leaders of our business in this keynote speech was as challenging and informative as it was entertaining. This is a must-see speech for anyone in financial services, a real eye-opener"


This talk applies to financial services and banking sector

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