Every corporate organisation recognises that creativity and innovation are the fuel that will drive their engine to success. The problem is that most organisations fail in catalysing this creativity and so the innovation funnel runs dry. If we are to push established boundaries, challenge norms and solve problems in new ways then we have to change our approach. We have to avoid routine thinking, and it has to start with the individual.


On the 1st of January 2014, Ken launched a personal Time Bending experiment. Could he do something NEW that he had never done before, every day, for a year? 365 new experiences encouraging play, risk, laughter, mischief and learning. Instead of taking what was given to him every day, could he ‘bend time’ by challenging the routine?


This talk is a highly entertaining, humour-filled tour through this experiment. Time Bending is above all a motivational talk on how to stretch the time and resources we have and to use it to look at our world in different ways. The central message is that by rewiring yourself to look for opportunity, on a daily basis, creativity surely follows. How do you expect to be creative if you do the same things every day?

This talk also has optional performance elements for both speaker and event delegates during networking breaks. Using playful performance with delegates is a greatway to follow this speech on Risk and Play. Activities include bare fist board breaking, barefoot walking on broken glass and fire-walking.

1. Why routine and a fear of failure encourage organisations to play it safe and never reach their innovation potential


2. How play and risk are the true catalysts of personal and professionalchange and whyweshould do much more of both


3. Why corporate innovation requires personal eureka moments and howorganisationsneedtoencourage a sense of personal play

  • nicola"Ken’s talk at our TEDx event simply blew the room away. His passion, energy and charisma as a speaker really inspired delegates, while his message on our need to approach everything differently, with a fresh perspective, energised everyone. The speech was perfectly balanced in terms of entertainment and provocative ideas, and those who witnessed it first hand were really inspired and motivated."

  • rrss

    "This talk is inspirational. Just brilliant. Watch it and share. I love his idea"

    "Time-Bending is going to be the new thing. Let’s stretch our days, it’s contagious. Thanks for the inspiration”

    "This guy made my entire Tedx experience with his talk in 18 minutes. That’s how good he is"

    "Ken Hughes has literally represented #creativity by motivating us for each day of our lives"

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