As humans we don’t make rational choices most of the time. We don’t go through life making cost/benefit analyses about everything we do or buy.


Behavioural economics concerns itself with the psychology of decision making. Clearly the consumer goods industry could learn a lot from this discipline, as human irrationality is a powerful force that should be harnessed and used to influence the shopper. This speech takes a humorous look at irrationality, and applies key areas such as arousal, herding, priming, and choice architecture to consumers & shoppers.


The talk outlines academic studies and global case study examples of how such theory can be applied to consumer goods and have successfully increased sales in-store without ever having to resort to price discounting.


By understanding the psychology of the decision making process, we can then easily step in and influence it, thereby putting new tools in the toolbox for triggering impulse incremental sales in-store.

1. How shoppers think, how they behave, how they make their decisions and how to influence those decisions


2. What we can do inside our stores to change shopper behaviour and sell more


3. How understanding the psychology of decisión making can unlock more sales opportunity than traditional sales and marketing methods

  • maggie"I met Ken at the ECR Europe Conference in Brussels where his session on “Shopper Irrationality” was my top ranked session among all in the event. It was also one of the best presentations that I ever had on Shopper Behaviour and Insight. In our Global Leadership Summit in July, we invited Ken to join all our Walmart Leaders from the world in Bentonville, USA. His presentation was once again an eye opening session which brought high engagement for all our participants"

  • prueba2"Ken is one of the finest speakers we have ever had the pleasure of inviting to address our conference, with his ‘Irrationality’ speech receiving the highest positive delegate feedback. He combines a powerful message with an impactful and humorous presentation style the audience loves, and manages to both educate and entertain in equal measure. It was one of the most unique and relevant speeches I have ever seen"


This talk applies to all markets, but with a special focus on: Consumer Goods: Food & Beverage, Electronics, DIY, Foodservice, Apparel,  Home Furnishing

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