Actionable strategy sessions are essential if any organiation is to succeed long-term. Whether it is a straight forward session related to a product launch or campaign all the way to future-proofing a business for the next 15 years, well run strategy sessions are critical.


Using a unique blend of creativity exercises, bespoke thought leadership content, role play, and brain-storming techniques Ken Hughes ensures that any Company workshop is brought to life, engages delegates and outputs to expectation.


Injecting his passion and energy into every exercise & discussion ensures the agenda is kept at the level required to focus on objectives and output. It is the facilitator’s role to ensure that every delegate contributes and buys-in to the final output.


Using humour and play, these sessions ensure that delegates are allowed to loosen out prior to key perfomance stages of the workshop. While some such sessions are dreaded by delegates, any session facilitated by Ken Hughes is one where the objetive is met, and the process enjoyed by all.

  • julie“ We invited Ken to address our key executives around in store marketing to shoppers with a particular emphasis on our digital strategy. Ken’s provocative and engaging style and his clear thought leadership opened up fantastic debates on the changing nature of shopper and consumer engagement for our brands and the business overall. His delivery and facilitation really brought the issues to life and I would highly recommend Ken to kick-start the debate when working on the challenge of integrating digital deep within your marketing programmes “

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