‘A day without laughter is a
day wasted’
– Charlie Chaplin

Those who know me well will know that I am a big believer in play, fun, mischief and laughter. My TED talk discusses the importance of every day play in fostering a personal sense of risk, creativity, and innovation. And so, when I came across the fantastic work undertaken by Clowns Without Borders, I knew I had to get involved.

“In the past year, it is the first time that we see our children laugh. We get food and medication, which is very important, but no one thought about bringing us life”– Syrian Refugee in the Karaame Camp.

No Child Without a Smile

The Clowns Without Borders tagline is ‘No Child Without a Smile’. They send small groups of professional street and circus artists into refugee camps, bringing emotional relief to displaced children, offering humour as psychological support to the traumas experienced.

We all have a right to laughter and play, just as every child has a right to a childhood. These children are living in a no-man’s land, having fled from their homes but not yet accepted elsewhere. Imagine what that feels like to a child. To watch your parents struggle and fight, anxious about an uncertain future.

We Rise by Lifting Others also includes their spirits

The KH Foundation was delighted to support the 10-day trip that four beautiful and talented actors made from Ireland to the Syrian refugee camps on the Greek border. As a volunteer group, it is difficult to fundraise and keep such international efforts going, and so we were delighted to step in and support.

This initiative is ultimately what humanity should be about – making an effort to help those less fortunate than yourself, with the skills you have. While it doesn’t solve the refugee crisis, or create a long-term life solution for anyone, there is nothing wrong with making people happy in the short-term. In making people laugh and forget, in making them realise that they are still human, still an audience worth playing to.

Rosie, Jim, Kim and Sam left Ireland and spent 10 days visiting and performing in the camps. From witnessing their rehearsals here in Ireland, to the actual work they delivered in the camps, we were honoured to be involved.

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