We rise by lifting others

When you have more than you need,
build a longer table not a higher fence

Every week I get to travel globally doing what I do. I get to experience those wonderful first world problems of delayed plane departures, phone charger compatibility issues and hotel rooms with jammed A/C controls. But global travel teaches you many things.

There are countries where clean drinking water is not a guarantee, where the education system is not available to all, where simple treatable conditions, like Malaria, kill every day. Closer to home, there are parents struggling to get the support they need for their critically ill children, refugees trying to make a new life but trapped in a no-man’s land camp for years, people we pass on the street every day that have nowhere to sleep tonight.

When designing a foundation, choosing one cause over another is hard, if not impossible. So, we have decided that the KH Foundation will not choose. It will be a foundation that simply builds that longer table. Who we ask to sit at that table with us will change every year.

In this way, over time, we can feel that we have made a difference to many causes that matter to us, and to you, our clients. If you are reading this and have an initiative that you feel is worthy of our attention, please reach out. Every year we will put our effort and focus into supporting worthy causes that matter to us all. The foundation’s donations are funded from a percentage of the revenue from every speech I deliver worldwide. Which means that if you are an event planner reading this, and have booked me for your event, you are already making a real difference to someone in the world. It makes every moment I step on stage even more worthwhile, adding to my own personal ‘why’.
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